• Connect and Emanate Excellence with Fellow Nurses

    We promote excellence for New Zealand dermatology nurses by providing mutual support and inspiration to everyone in our industry. Our mission is to promote growth by providing helpful avenues for learning and fostering sincere solidarity.

Our next annual conference will be
held on 19 and 20 August 2021 in
NZDNS provides 2M2 Total Cover, the
official publication available three
times per year.
Access to previous conference  material,
eMag information and scholarship

"The NZDNS is an organisation that promotes excellence in the care of people with skin conditions through research, education, communication and nursing professional development.

The society encourages dermatology nurses to connect to peers in New Zealand and overseas by providing annual educational scholarships. I was awarded one of these scholarships and attended an overseas conference. There is no greater opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and developments, to gain international current knowledge and to learn about new often unreleased research.

I enjoy reading 2m2 Total Cover which is a unique and outstanding emagazine, available on the worldwide web, that provides additional education to all members in all areas of dermatology."  

Jill, Dermatology Nurse, Auckland

New Zealand Dermatology Nurses Society does not provide an on-line dermatology consultation service. 
If you have any concerns with your skin or its treatment, see a dermatologist for advice.