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Read this poem by Rob Wright who expresses so very eloquently how Remarkable our skinRreally is.

Review the interesting professional development topics such as renal pruritus and rosacea along with Eric’s story of living

with rosacea. Other features include profiling a paediatric gastroenterology clinical nurse specialistRand an international conference report.

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My skin

My skin renews itself. Old layers slough
Away in showers, soap and steam. My face Remains the same face, nonetheless — enough Alike at least for me to see the place
Where it was cut when I was ten. It’s strange How chains of cells remember what they are; How all the molecules are so arranged
That they emerge unblemished or as scars. What is this memory? Where is it stored? There’s some Platonic template of my skin,
A mask that I’m condemned to wear. If bored At looking at the features I live in,
I know that time will pull them to the bone
In small degrees, like lichens rimed on stone.

by Rob Wright



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